"Why Post in Forums to Promote an Internet Business?"

by Helen Raymond

Some people feel that it's a waste of time to post in various newsgroups and forums to promote an internet business. After all, most forums just do not allow advertising. You can't reach many prospects at a time, and it takes way too much time to visit them, or at least enough of them to matter, right?


Look at any established, successful 'netpreneuer and you will see that most of them personally host or moderate some type of bulletin board, plus they frequently post in others as well. Is it just a personal pleasure? Why are they doing that when running & promoting internet business demands so much time?

10 Reasons Why They're Doing It - They Know That:

1. they need to stay updated as the internet evolves.

2. this is often where a "Product/niche" is discovered.

3. their target market is here, both posting and "lurking".

4. posting in forums helps achieve their own "branding".

5. helpful posting is a way to give back for help received.

6. good posting can build trust, credibility, expert status.

7. there's silent power in well constructed "signature" files.

8. they can subtly refer to "products" in their post answers.

9. new contacts, joint ventures & opportunities arise here.

10. The Best Reason of them all is, they know that the internet keyword searches can bring up their forum posts! This often means thousands of extra visitors to a website, which just "happens" to be in the poster's "signature file."


Helen Raymond has an entrepreneural background, both offline & online. Some current marketing promotions include NetSearch eZine, and Wholesale eBook Sales website. She and Fred Renoudet founded RightStuffHosting as well.

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