Whaaaat's This.....

by Fred Renoudet

Life is divided in two parts - anticipation and memory. It can be said if we remember richly, we must have lived richly. The future can also be just as rewarding. It just takes the Right Stuff.

There aren't many things in life that that are free and easy. For most of us, we were not born with a silver spoon in our mouth. We got where we are today by earning it.

In some cases, some got where they are - nowhere - by the lack of effort.

Deciding to start your own business is easy and sure, a few will have instant success. But the rest of us need the right plan to make it a success. You need to get the right instructions from the right people.

How can you tell the right people from the wrong people? THAT is a very good question.

As I said life is not easy. To know the right foods for us what do we do? We read labels and we listen to commercials. Do we always make the correct decision for curing a cold?

Maybe you do - I sure don't. I get suckered in by all those slick commercials that make the product sound like the best thing since sliced bread. Then when you think about it - sliced bread isn't so hot. Given a choice, store packaged sliced bread or a piece of hot fresh baked bread, which would you take?

How do you know which so called Internet "Guruh" has the Right Stuff for you?
You know by reading ALL their material and you make an educated decision based on what fits best with your lifestyle. Will it ALWAYS be the correct decision?

Probably not. When you have advice from best minds of Internet Marketing and you follow one plan, does that mean you will be successful? Maybe - in time.

"Wait a minute", you are probably saying to yourself. "I read all that material; how can you say I won't be just like the guruh"?

Of course you can if.... Let me ask YOU a couple of questions .

You go to some big book store - you buy a book by Tiger Woods on golf techniques -

Can you now play like Tiger Woods just because you read his book?

Do you think he learned to play like that from a book or from applying the Right Stuff....
a desire, the willingness to try, dedication and anticipation of the goal ?

It's exactly the same for everyone. Is your own goal worth your effort, or are you just going to give it all to your boss so HIS memories will be rich?

Read what the experts tell you. Make a plan. Apply it. Then learn from your mistakes. Don't give up... the goal is often "just around the bend" but many people quit too soon and never know how close to it they really were.

What are You going to do for your own future? What's it worth to you?

Fred Renoudet is the Website Designer and Webmaster for Greater New Orleans Barge Fleeting Association (GNOBFA). He and Helen Raymond founded RightStuff Hosting. You may use this article on your website and in your newsletter as long as it is left intact with this by-line included.

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