I want to use Netscape Mail - How do I set it up?

Follow these instructions for Netscape Mail:

1. Launch Netscape.

2. Select "Mail" from the menu bar.

3. Click on "Create a New Account".
The setup wizard starts now. Choose "Email Account" (the first option listed); click next.

4. Next window - your identity; type your "Name" as you would want it shown in your "from" field in your outgoing email.

5. Type your email address and click next.

6. Under Incoming and Outgoing Servernames; type the names of your incoming and outgoing e-mail servers: mail.yourdomain.com (IMPORTANT: replace yourdomain.com with your actual domain name.) Click next.

7. Type in your username, which is your FULL email address. Your Password is: whatever you have set it up to be. Click next.

8. Account Name: Enter the account name, known as the "friendly" name for the account. Click Next.

9. Enter the password you chose, when you setup this email account in Cpanel.

10. Now your mail setup is complete. This last screen simply shows you all the information you have just entered. If you see errors, you can hit the "back" button till you reach the right page and make changes.