Top 10 Ways to Doom Your Sponsor-Downline Relationship
1999, by Harmony Major

Are you in Network Marketing? Want to learn a few ways to totally destroy your sponsor-downline relationship? Use a few of these, and kill your rep in no time:

10. When your new downline member signs up, send them a short welcome letter -- and never contact them again.

When your downline is new to the business, it's safe to assume that they know everything about the company, the procedure, and about marketing in general. So, just email them to say "Hi," and good luck figuring everything out!

9. Ask your sponsor irrelevant, time-consuming, or unambiguous questions, especially when they've answered those same questions twice before.

Your sponsor has nothing better to do than to answer questions like "So, what does it mean when they say 'cut and paste here?'" Who is "they?" Where did you see that? "Cut" what and "paste" what where??

8. Email your downline at least twice a day to "check their progress."

Ask annoying and overbearing questions like "Have you started your advertising like I asked you to?" "Haven't you made any money yet??" Tell them that they just need to try a lot harder.

7. If your sponsor sends you valuable info to get you started in the business -- don't read it.

Think to yourself, "I'm experienced in this type of business. I don't need to read these 'beginner's FAQ.' " Then, no later than the next day, be sure to ask your sponsor at least three "quick questions" that were answered in your FAQ. That you didn't read.

6. When your new downline comes to you excited that they've made their first sale, act disinterested.

Say something snappy, like, "Great! About fifteen more of those and we'll be in business!!" Then think to yourself, "What kind of commission is that? That's not going to pay MY bills!"

5. When you email your sponsor, make sure to use non-descriptive subject lines like "Question," "Oops!" or "From"

Or, better yet, always leave the subject line completely blank, or say things like, "Hi!" You want to make absolutely certain that your sponsor trashes your mail, thinking it's spam from porn sites.

4. When your downline sends you a question, tell yourself, "I can't BELIEVE they didn't know this!"

Then, put it aside to answer later. But, make sure "later" is at least two weeks from the day that they sent it. People are really fond of feeling confused and ignored. And, to top it all off, spell their name wrong when you finally do respond. Add a few extra letters. Folks LOVE that.

3. Send your sponsor at least six questions, and check back at least once every three hours because you "hadn't heard from them."

Fail to realize that your sponsor may have at least 50 other needy people in their downline that need answers. Fail to realize that your sponsor may not know the answers, and may need to research your questions, or look them up. Then, when you do get an answer, immediately send them six MORE questions -- with a few of the old ones thrown in for good measure.

2. Ask your sponsor a question. The same question. At least once a day.

Make sure it's always the same question. Then, when they answer it, no matter how many times and how many ways they answer it, don't believe them. Then, hunt down their sponsor, and ask them the same thing. And finally, when you get the very same answer, decide that you can "put your curious mind at ease."

And, the number one thing that you can do to doom your sponsor-downline relationship:

1. Address your female sponsor or downline member as "Dear Sir."

Every young woman likes to be in touch with her "masculine" side. What could be better than a nice, refreshing, "Dear MISTER Harmony Major"?


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