Just Doin' It: Tales of a 'Mediocre Entrepreneur'
1999, by Harmony Major

Are you dissatisfied with the amount of money you're making online, and feel nearly powerless to change it? Are you frustrated with the snail's pace that your Internet business seems to take? Are you sick and tired of trying to "find the right time" to release that dream product you've been sitting on for months?

Chances are, you're a "mediocre entrepreneur."

A mediocre entrepreneur is nothing less than a natural procrastinator -- a 10-foot hurdle in the leap to self-made success. Did any of the above criteria describe you? Do you often find yourself in that kind of mentality or engulfed in those kinds of situations? If the answer to either of those questions is "yes," your business needs a post-mortem heart-start ASAP!

How do you know if you have the dreaded "mediocrity" syndrome? When you find yourself continually obsessing over finding the "right time" to start an important project, putting off certain tasks due to estimated lack of time or funds or other equally as hindering tasks, you're becoming a threat to your business. The biggest problem that any self-run business can encounter IS the self.

The only way to get over the "can't get right" blues is to pick yourself up and JUST DO IT. Don't worry that you may not have the money to support a pending project. If you're serious enough about making it work, you'll find the funds. Don't stress yourself out over finding the right time to do something. There never IS a "wrong time" unless YOU make it.

Use the power of YOU to start your ascent to profit and success. Don't ever let anyone talk you down, discourage you, or make you feel inadequate. Conquer your goals and shoot down failure by taking circumstance by the throat in a determined death-grip. NOTHING can stop you unless you let it. Never wait for the ideal circumstance -- learn to MAKE IT perfect enough to work for YOU.

Are you still waiting for the "right" number of subscribers to get that new ezine off the ground? Searching for the "perfect" joint venture partner to help promote your site? Trying to discover the "most effective" way to get to the top of the search engines? Still waiting to get "in the writing mood" to do the article for your ezine this week??

It's a shame.

I'll be looking back through the blossoms of a six-figure income in about two years time, thinking:

"Hmmm. I wonder what ever happened to that mediocre entrepreneur I encountered on my way to the top?"
Will YOU be that one, or are you coming with me? Success can be a long and lonely road. Better get started now.


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