3 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Money with Joint Ventures!
2000, by Harmony Major

Effective joint ventures help you promote your business, maximize your profits, and decrease your workload. JV partnerships are one of the fastest and easiest forms of FREE promotion around! Whether you're a JV master or have never tried joint ventures before, these 3 easy JV methods will help you expand your business, make more money, and increase your publicity with minimal effort:


One of the best and fastest ways to make money with this JV technique is to ask ezine publishers to review your product, and to do a special mailing endorsing it to their subscribers if they like what you have to offer. Just make sure that the audience is VERY targeted to your product, or this technique is useless.

It's best to offer them a percentage of your profits generated from those sales as "payment" for endorsing your product to their readers. Even if you offer them 60%, and you only take 40%, you'll still be coming out ahead. Why? Because, in addition to the money, you've also added dozens or even HUNDREDS of new customers to your customer list. And, once people have made a satisfactory purchase from you, they're much more likely to do so again.


If you don't have your own product, approach people that do, and ask if YOU can endorse their product in YOUR ezine. If you don't have an ezine, you can put links up on your website for their product. If you get lots of traffic to your site, this can be a very attractive deal for the other marketer. Just make sure to work out the terms of your agreement thoroughly beforehand, and be sure that you're getting a fair commission from each sale.


This one will work for you even if you DON'T have a website or ezine. Your job would be to find ezine publishers that have a relatively large subscriber base that trusts the publisher's recommendations. Ask the publisher if they'd like you to arrange joint ventures for them, which will involve running endorsement mailings in their ezine for someone else's products, for a good share of the profits.

Find someone with a product that would be useful to subscribers of that publisher's ezine, after first checking it out yourself. Then, introduce the product to the ezine publisher to see if they'd like to endorse it. If so, work out the profits 3 ways, between you, (the organizer), the publisher, and the product creator or author.

If the publisher decides that the product is NOT something that they'd like to endorse for whatever reason, and you're sure it's a quality product, just introduce the product again to the other publishers that you've contacted to set up JV partnerships for. You'll find a few of them that will be interested in endorsing the product to their subscribers, meaning more profit for you, the publisher, and the product author.


Arranging joint ventures is just that easy. It takes time, but it's worth it in the long run. You end up with more customers, more money, and less expense, as joint venturing is usually FREE! And even better, you can make a profit in as little as a few days to just a few MINUTES from when you initiate the partnership.

Don't limit yourself to trying just one of the JV methods above. The more methods you try, the more money you make. The more positive relationships you form, the more successful you are. If you find one that works best for you, focus on that one. Just know that the more avenues you experiment with, the more profit potential you have.



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