The 4 Active Marketing Ingredients That Could Make Or Break You

by Joshua Rose

I don't know who to acknowledge for the following, but whoever it was sure said a mouthful.

"There are only two ways to get to the top of a tree. One is to climb the tree. The other is to sit on an acorn and wait".

Think about it for a minute and you can see a lot of parallels with netpreneurs. Are you climbing the tree, or waiting for something to happen?

Study those who succeed on the internet and you will find they often use a well planned approach that incorporates four active marketing ingredients that could make or break you.

In effect, when they head up the tree, they do so on a thick, sturdy trunk. One nlikely to break and much more likely to support them.

Here they are:

-*First*, give away something valuable free in exchange for email addresses. People on the internet are looking for freebies. If you've got something free, they'll be looking for you.

It could be a good e-book or some other information, some software, a free consultation or whatever may be appropriate for your particular business. But the key point is that it must be useful and valuable to be effective.

-*Second*, you need a strong lead product. Make sure it's as good as it gets. Whether it's the benefits, the price or the service, it must have a significant competitive advantage. As you know, the competition is fierce.

And stick to one primary product at first. If you present a number of choices, even if they are all wonderful, you are adding an additional decision dimension that just complicates things for the potential buyer and usually loses the sale.

But here's the critically important part: Stop advertising your actual product.

I know. It sounds crazy. But you'll do 100 times better by advertising your free offer instead. The sales will come later from your ezine follow-ups as your subscribers come to realize that you are sincere, that you can be trusted, and that the product you are promoting is top notch.

-*Third*, market your offer aggressively. Success takes more than posting at FFA's, classified sites and exchanging some banners. Don't wait for your prospects to come to you. Get off that acorn and actively pursue them.

Today, the best results by far are coming from targeting your prospects through ezine ads, pay-per-click search engines, and publishing your own newsletter.

-*Fourth*, you need strong "back-end products". Once you've won that customer's trust, he or she will buy from you again and again as long as you continue to "deliver" what you promise.

So, use these 4 marketing essentials to get off that acorn and head on up your tree. Get aggressive and take action. It's a challenge and it's work. But it's also fun and rewarding.

Copyright 2002 Joshua Rose


Joshua Rose cuts through the glut of Internet "hype" and "false promises" to identify the "genuine" marketing techniques that are REALLY getting the results. For more "work smart" techniques, or to subscribe to his newsletter, visit:

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