"Three main groups of 'netpreneurs visit the Forums"

by Helen Raymond

the Wannabees - the Strugglers - the Successful ones

Wannabees - some are looking for a business idea, some have an idea, but most just have no clue where or how to start. All that hype they've been reading has boosted their hopes and they're ready for overnight success... if only they could figure out how... maybe the answers are here?

They all seem to think it should be free... no money, no work and minimal time invested, while they just enjoy the good life. You know, like draging themselves away from the beach and their pina colladas long enough to turn on the computer to check on the tons of automatic sales being made. This stage usually does not last very long before reality sets in!

Strugglers - after dealing with hype and broken promises, they are still yearning and trying to make it. They now know it is not free and are investing themselves, their time & as much money as they can in promotions to get their traffic. Now it's serious!

They post to learn, to promote affiliate programs, & some times to circulate the ebooks they write. They are going through the school of hard knocks but they're not giving up on the dreams. They're on a difficult road right now, where only the patient & persistant will survive to see their intended destinations.

How many may give up on a business promotion and move on to another one without ever knowing how close they've been to success? How many times can they do this before giving up altogether? Can this be the real reason that 5% of the online marketers get 95% of the internet income?

Successful - most have graduated from the school of hard knocks; paid their dues. They're the serious entrepeneuers, the money makers. But still remembering what it was like to get there, they are trying to offer advice to those who ask all the forum questions. They know the only dumb question is the one that was never asked and usually have great patience.

They've learned that it is also good business to help others because it is establishing their expertise and credibility. It perpetuates their own business success with new contacts and opens up the discussions. Opportunities surface as well.

They are the ones who really keep the forums alive and well. Without them, it would not be a teaching-learning situation; It would just be a community visitation center for chit-chat. So...
Here's To The Wannabees Who are Still In Blissful Dreams!

Here's To The Strugglers Who are Determined To Succeed!

Here's To The Successful Who are Wise Enough To Share!


Helen Raymond has an entrepreneural background, both Wholesale eBook Sales. She and Fred Renoudet founded RightStuff Hosting. Another successful venture is their Net Marketers Club PrivateSite.

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