Know Why Your Business is Failing?? I Do ...
1999, by Harmony Major

The following article can honestly mean the difference between a home business that's a shining success and one that's a miserable failure. Are you going to take this material, study it, and USE IT ... or are you going to become a statistic and let it slip through your fingers?

The concept I'm talking about is one I call "progressive promotion." If you're not using this simple formula, then you're already headed for disaster. Pick your business up now and start using progressive promotion in your every day routine. You'll begin to see results immediately!

"Okay, so how do I pull this off," you ask?
It's as easy as 1-2-3 (4!). Read and learn:


What promotional methods have you been using to date? Have you been tracking your results, or just kind of letting things go on their own? Check your progress first thing when you log on every day. How is that ad campaign going that you started last week? How is that new banner pulling? What about that special mailing that you sent off yesterday?

The first and most important step in checking and keeping up with your progress is to track your ads. And, in order to track your progress as effectively as possible, you'll need a quality site tracker. A free one that I use and recommend is called HitBox Tracker at

2. MAKE MORE PROGRESS! After you've determined your best ads and advertising sources, this step becomes much easier. All you'll need to do is continue to use the proven methods of promotion that are getting you the best results, AND continue using the ads that are pulling in the best responses. But don't stop there!

Every so often, you'll need to create NEW and ORIGINAL methods of promoting your business, ezine, or website. Ad responses and sales results are bound to decrease at some point. This is when you need to be ready with an immediate plan of action to avoid losing precious dollars.

For example, I've just come up with a new and original way to get more subscribers to my ezine, similar to a recent strategy implemented by Kris Stringham of Xtreme Profits. Using this one simple program, I was able to increase my subscription rate from 25-30 a day to 50 or more! Check out the plan to see how it works at

For more mentally-refreshing and ORIGINAL marketing ideas, be sure to read this invigorating manual by The Wyn Corporation, entitled "Cut-Throat, Killer Marketing Techniques." It's a five page treasure! Read it for free at:

You can also subscribe to "The On-line Marketing Diary" for an on-going report of REAL marketing strategies, complete results of actual sales campaigns I've used to promote my own products and services online, and fresh, "stealable" ideas. Subscribe or get the current issue at


When you're finished working for the day, TURN OFF your computer (was that a dirty word?), and plan for tomorrow. Turning off the PC gives your mind a break, and allows you to actually formulate new ideas and solidify the tasks you want to accomplish tomorrow.

Tons of time is wasted by "wingin' it," "shooting from the hip," or whatever you want to call it. It all boils down to a loss of productivity by lack of a real plan. Sure, you can lie in bed at night and list the dozens of "little things" you need to do tomorrow, but a REAL plan is one you actually remember -- and put on paper to gauge your progress and avoid time-wasting.

Don't let your business run you. Reign in that wild horse with effective, solid, time management techniques. A few key tips for maximizing your productivity and efficiency are outlined in the easy-to-use time management schedule that you can get by autoresponder from:


All this involves is repeating the 3-step process above. After you've created your plan of action for your next day's work, FOLLOW IT. As soon as you log on and check your progress, start making MORE progress by following your plan of action to the letter. Not only will this get you into more of a routine, you'll feel more organized and have a stronger sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

If you follow the four-step plan above CONSISTENTLY, you'll have nowhere to go but up. It may seem hard and intimidating at first, but what do I always tell you about those kinds of things?? Don't talk about it ... BE about it! Get up off your duff and make things happen.

Success is waiting!


Harmony Major is the author of Yahoo! Secrets, where she reveals how YOU can drive HUNDREDS more visitors to your site each day, by getting a #1 listing on Yahoo. Don't just settle for "getting listed." Use her instantly-effective tactics to boost your site traffic with a TOP Yahoo listing! Visit:

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