One Of The Web's Most Powerful Marketing Methods

Copyright 2002 Joshua Rose

How would you like to get tens of thousands, even hundreds of
thousands, of free exposures to your ads every month? Sound

Well, I'm talking about writing articles for newsletters. And
it's the fastest and most effective marketing strategy to build
your personal web presence, your ezine subscriber list and ...
yes ... your SALES!

Before you think, "I can't do this", read on. Believe me, if I
can do it, so can you.

There are some tremendous advantages to getting your articles
published. But like anything with worthwhile benefits, it takes
some effort. Are your internet goals worthy of *effort*? If so,
writing articles can become the *backbone* of your marketing


So, let's talk about the benefits first to see if we can get you
motivated to tap into this dynamic marketing method. Then,
let's provide some tips to get you off and running.

* First off, and most obvious, is the fact that you'll gain
the potential for massive free exposure. I typically submit two
articles per month and get between 200,000 and 1,000,000
exposures for my ad (article Resource Box).

* There's more. Not only will you get a short term burst of
traffic, but this is a very effective long term, viral marketing
technique as well. Many ezine editors archive their issues
online and you will continue to get hits from them long after
your initial publication.

And that's not all. Some webmasters will actually post your
articles on their sites as content!

* Your OWN search engine rankings will improve. First of all,
your articles on other people's sites create links back to you,
which important search engines, such as Goggle, rate very

You can also submit to dozens of article submission sites on
your own. Again, you're creating both more links back to your
site and new pathways for web surfers to find you.

Second, when you put your articles on your own site and submit
them with the targeted keywords used in the article, you are
giving yourself more search engine fire power. The beauty of
this is that you can target an article for any search term you

* Your articles will create the all important awareness of WHO
YOU ARE. Internet sales are all about trust and credibility. As
people continually see your name, this is exactly what you are

* You will experience enormous growth to the size of your own
ezine. It's simple. The people who enjoy your article want to
hear more of what you have to say. And the growth of your own
ezine is vital to your long term internet success.

* This is also an excellent Affiliate marketing technique. The
*Super Affiliates* have successfully branded their names. Again,
this is exactly what you are doing when you write articles!


Okay, sounds good so far, doesn't it? But how do you go about

Well, let me say at the outset that you don't have to be a
great writer, so cross that off the requirements.

If you can talk, then you can do this. Why? Because the best
articles just flow along smoothly and easily like a conversation
with a friend.

You want to write like you talk. Just make sure you do a spell-
check. And if you are a real beginner, have it proof-read by a
friend for any MAJOR grammatical errors. Or, send it to me and
I'll proof it for you.

Don't sweat the small stuff though. For example, I often start
sentences with *and* or *but*, which are grammatical no-no's.
This is acceptable in web writing, however, because it's simply
the way most of us talk.

First, two cardinal rules:

* Write about something you know about. If you don't know
about it, do some research and learn, or pick another topic.

* Put YOUR OWN spin, or stamp, or twist on it. Give it
*personality*. Make it distinctly YOURS.

Your content does not have to be something that's never been
written about before. For example, I've written several articles
on headlines and copywriting. I've seen dozens of such articles
before. So, the best approach is to do it in a way that is new
and unique.

Remember the article, "Your Headlines Are Your *Salesmen*"?

Well, writing about headlines is hardly a hot new topic. I
simply gave specific types of headines a unique and descriptive
name (i.e. the "This Is Your Lucky Day" headline or the "Drum
Roll Please" headline). Both editors and newsletter readers are
much more likely to respond to something they recognize as a
fresh and unique approach, even if the subject matter has been
around for ages.

As a reference for this technique, you can read this article

Another way to create *uniqueness* is to use stories from your
own life and weave them into your subject matter. Some of you
may remember, "Why Your Marketing Efforts Aren't Working", which
appeared here several weeks ago.

Remember the story about the Ping-Pong Champ?

The result was a new and unique approach to a subject that has
been addressed countless times.


Coming up with ideas to write about isn't very difficult. Think
creatively about the marketplace you are serving.

If you're selling gifts, write articles about the history of
certain items, or about birthdays, holidays, etc.. If you're
selling jewelry, write about its proper care, or appraisal and
insurance issues, etc. If you're in the internet marketing
field, write about methods that have been effective for you or
experiences you've had or your pet internet peeves. The
opportunities are endless.

If you are at a loss for ideas, here's a technique that I've
found useful. Go to a famous quote site, such as:

Start reading quotes and think of how they relate to your
particular business. Usually, a little neuron will spark in
your brain and ... bingo ... you've got a subject to write about.

Here's an example,

"There are three ingredients to the good life; learning, earning,
and yearning."
--Christopher Morley

You can take the above quote and relate it to about any business
field you can think of. If you don't like that one, there are
literally thousands and thousands more.

You can also read other articles in your field to inspire NEW
ideas. NEVER copy or plagiarize someone else's article. But use
them to trigger your own unique take on a particular subject,
or to inspire a new one.


The next step is the actual writing. I won't suggest that you
can expect to just sit down and write your article in one fell
swoop. It takes work and you very likely will find that taking
breaks and coming back later is more effective.

Once I've selected a topic, I just sit down and start writing
whatever comes to mind. I then put it aside and come back later,
with a fresh perspective. As I re-read, I often get new ideas to
improve it. I'll do this anywhere from 3 to 10 times, usually
over a three or four day period.

Here's some tips to keep in mind:

* Keep your words simple. Don't try to impress people with
your wonderful vocabulary. Be straight forward.

* Keep your paragraphs to 2-4 sentences and try to keep your
sentences brief.

* Editors love bulleted lists. That's why you see alot of
articles with titles such as, "7 Ways To (whatever)". You can
write an introduction, then proceed into your bullets, write
a summary ... and bingo ... a hot article!

* Prune, prune, prune. Try to keep your article in the
400-700 word range. While editors print articles of nearly
every size, those in this size range seem to have the most
appeal. This article, for example, at approximately 1400 words
is likely too long to gain widespread use.

* DON'T turn your article into an ad! If you want to be
widely reprinted, HELP OTHERS.

* Write a 3-7 line Resource Box as your ad. I believe it's
best to promote your site benefits and newsletter here (rather
than a product appeal or affiliate link). Remember, your article
is creating trust and credibility and a *hard sell* will often
defeat this purpose. You want their email address, not their
"yes or no" decision today.

As you know, there are NO EASY roads to internet success. You
need to put in the *work* to get the *results*. Writing articles
has a whole host of benefits and is more than worth the effort.
And like everything else, it gets easier with experience. Get
started tonight and you'll be surprised by what you come up with!


Joshua Rose cuts through the glut of Internet "hype" and "false promises" to identify the "genuine" marketing techniques that are REALLY getting the results. For more "work smart" techniques, or to subscribe to his newsletter, visit:

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