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How can you avoid "web hosting nightmares"?

Don't trust those offers you've seen of huge web space and/or "Unlimited" bandwidth (this is data transfer) quotas at rediculously low prices! "Unlimited" is impossible since no one owns it all and it is not cheap to provide. For "Cheap Hosts" to survive, often too many websites are jammed onto a server. This can cause heavy server overload. With these server problems, there is little time for client support; and where will you be when they suddenly go out of business? You'll get value for your money here and we'll treat you right!

No Risk 100% Satisfaction 30 Day Money Back Web Hosting Guarantee:

All you need to do is email us your cancellation notice anytime within the first 30 days. We'll issue a prompt refund, credited to your charge card (or whatever payment method was used to order your web hosting service). Guarantees and refund policies for products or services we may offer in association with or for another party will be stated on their offering pages.

How many are "Multiple" and "Unlimited"?

We determine "Multiple" as whatever your web space/bandwidth will reasonably permit for the account purchased. Defaults are used when creating accounts - just request more as needed. We do not offer anything as "Unlimited", not subdomains, email accounts, data bases, etc.

What is Fantastico?

It is an auto-installer for some of today's most popular open-source scripts - programs on the net:. There are over 40 available and here are just a few of them:

PHPbb2 Forums, OS Commerce Shopping Cart, CubeCart, B2Blog, PHP Auction, PHP4Imag, PHPwebsite, PHP Links, PHP Nuke, Postnuke, PHPprojekt, Xoops and MORE... and they're available to all of our clients!

What's the Truth About "Server Uptime"?

You have an excellent website back up utility in your CPanel, so we do not keep backups of your website too. Just make sure to backup everytime you update your site, and save the backup to your hard drive. Most people have a copy there already anyway.

Although we have 100% server uptime most of the time, we say 99+% because now and then, a server-level adjustment or software upgrade needs to be done to provide better service. These things usually are done so quickly, you won't even know it happened. Although we do use every security precaution available to keep everything running smoothly, including back up power generators, this IS the internet and some people are always looking for a way to create disasters, even for a whole network data center which houses thousands of servers. Some things are just out of any one's control. Even considering a "worst case scenerio", the situation would probably be fixed within a few hours. We monitor our servers, so you can rest assured that your websites will be as safe as possible... excessive server resource users will be quickly stopped.

About Dedicated IPs, SSLs and Some eCommerce Tips:

A dedicated IP is only used if you require a SSL Certificate. Otherwise, a shared IP will perform the same tasks that a dedicated IP would. We will provide unique IPs and SSL Certificates; ask for a price quote..

You don't need it if you are using PayPal, 2Checkout, Clickbank, etc., because you're sending your customers to thier secure sites to enter thier credit card information. Compared to owning a merchant account, these third-party providers charge a higher monthly transaction fee and a higher % of sales, but there is little or no setup or monthly cost. Clickbank will also handle your Affiliates, from the sign up through paying them out of your sales revenue. They also provide complete stats for you and your affiliates.

Getting more IPs per server gets harder and harder. I don't think anyone is going to get a straight answer as to why they are so limited, but the fact is, they are and that is why they are so judiciously distributed according to valid needs.

Search engines care about the content the most. Having a domain name is also preferable for some search engines but a unique IP certainly is not something that should affect your search engine standing.

Many people seem to think that "search engines may block shared IP numbers for some reason, so if you have your own unique IP number, you do not have this problem". IPs do not matter with search engines. Search engines block by domain name, not IP, in case of abuse. Very rarely would any even consider banning by IPs as they are well aware how virtual hosting works.

Which Hosting Plan should you choose to fit your needs?

If you have long web pages, huge pictures, sound, forums, multiple web sites, etc. you may need the larger plans. Bandwidth is used when visitors view your pages, emailing and in other actions, such as uploading. Our Hosting Plans allow bandwidth that we feel is generally well matched to web space quotas. Here's an example if you need help to decide on the right plan if you're just starting out... you can easily upgrade when needed.

Web Space example: Average 10 images x 25k each =250k x 10 pages = 2500k
email files saved, about 3MB
Web Logs about 500k

Total is about 6-7MB, so Starter or Bronze Plan is a good choice, depending on your traffic; Plus, add for CGI and Database if used. They can add MBs up quickly. Then the Bronze, Silver or Gold Plan may be best and allow room to grow too. Custom Plans are available on request also.

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