Your Headlines Are Your *Salesmen*

by Joshua Rose

Sometimes you might feel like it's you against the world when
it comes to your marketing efforts.

Not so! You actually have a whole team of salesmen floating
around the web working very hard to bring you traffic and sales.

They are your *headlines*. They're in your ezine ads, your free
reports, your viral e-books, your newsletters, your message
boards, your submitted articles and everywhere else you've
chosen to place them.

They are your true *sales team* and you would be wise to spend
time with them and treat them like gold. Afterall, they're out
there working for you 24/7, nomatter what you happen to be doing.

There are many different types of headlines. Here are 7 examples
of the more effective:

1.) The basic "Hit 'Em With Your Best Shot" headline.

This style is real straight forward. You go with your #1
product benefit.

"Increase Your Traffic by 312% In 30 Days!"

2.)The "Drum Roll Please" headline.

This is really a *News* type of headline and is best used when
you are announcing a new product or an effective new way of
doing something.

"Introducing A Revolutionary New 5-Step Traffic
Building Program!"

3.) The "Trusty Old How To" headline.

This has been a favorite for years and is still extremely
effective. People are looking for information and "How to" is
a natural information lead-in.

"How To Increase Your Ezine Sign-Ups By 457%!"

4.) The "This Is Your Lucky Day" headline.

This headline is used when you wish to reduce your price for
a speedy response. For this to be effective, however, you must
also explain *why* you're offering such a great deal.

"50% Off Everything In Stock! We Need To Clear Out
Our Inventory To Make Room For Next Week's New
Product Arrivals!"

5.) The "I Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself" headline.

This is a very powerful headline technique when you have some
outstanding testimonials.

"I Made $493 Yesterday Using Your Amazing Marketing
System! I've Never Gotten Results Like This Before
And I've Been Trying For 2 Years. Thanks A Million!"
-Pat Murphy, Evanston, Illinois

6.) The "Aren't You Glad I Asked" Headline.

This is a great technique to target your marketing and draw out
those most likely to need your product. To be effective, you
need to know your market very well and understand how your
prospects think.

"Are You Sick And Tired Of Losing Weight Only To See
It Come Right Back On? Well, Here's A Simple Diet
Plan Guaranteed To Take It Off ... And Keep It Off!"

7.) The "You Can't Lose" headline.

This headline style puts your guarantee front and center and
builds trust and credibility.

"Simple Technique Boosts Your Sales By 266% Within
60 Days Or Your Money Back! No Questions Asked!"

Your headlines literally have the power of making or breaking
your marketing efforts. So, spend some quality time building
a hard working team of Internet Salesmen.


Joshua Rose cuts through the glut of Internet "hype" and "false promises" to identify the "genuine" marketing techniques that are REALLY getting the results. For more "work smart" techniques, or to subscribe to his newsletter, visit:

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