Mix In A Dose Of Reality For Better Results

Copyright 2002 Joshua Rose

There's a great new web marketing trend afoot. It's taken a firm hold and is gaining some powerful momentum.

And NOW is the time to make sure you are properly positioned for it.

Here it is: Hype Is Dying (although still far from dead). And Realistic Sales Copy is Hot.

Have you noticed it? There's definitely been an incredibly welcome shift in marketing strategy towards more responsible ad copy and away from the usual *get-rich-quick* and *internet secrets* track that's so common on the web.

Instead, we're seeing a definite toning down of hype and a turn to more realistic copy ... which actually uses such words as *effort*, *work* and *commitment*.

And it's gaining momentum almost daily. Why? People have finally had it up to here with all the *no-work, easy-money* sales pitches that have burned them once too often.

Add in the almost daily news of Wall Street lies, corruption and greed on the nightly news and the pot of discontent has been stirred to the boiling point. And it's spilling over and magnifying the *skepticism* level everywhere.

My good friend, wise interneter Fred Renoudet, of RightStuffCo put it this way in response to my recent post on this topic in his forum:

"I think this is all a reflection of the stock market. You know as well as anyone people are jittery and bearish right now.

"People are becoming very conservative in financial matters. People are hesitant to believe the "big bucks" promises and rightfully so. So some people in marketing - the wise ones - have toned down their ads."

I believe he hit the nail on the head ... and it has broad and powerful implications for internet marketers. It is particularly important right now to take a good hard look at your Unique Selling Position (USP) - the all important impression you make about what is special and different about your offer.

If your site just blends into the same blur as so many others, with similar products and similar promises, it's likely you're in for a steep uphill battle.

Is your USP in step with this rising tide of consumer skepticism and mistrust? Web surfers are looking for those who stand out from the pack and honestly mix in *the good, the bad and the ugly*.

What? Concepts such as *work* and *commitment* are selling? Yep. A little dose of reality goes a long way towards building respect and credibility between you and your prospects.

For example, here's an ad I've been running for months now. Perhaps you've seen it.

TERRIBLE AD! Hard Work! Immediate Low Pay! NO ONE has ever gotten rich *quick* on the internet. Get Real! Discover how to make money. Then work your Tail Off! http://www.internetprofitwizards.com/

Is this the best ad in terms of response I've ever written? No, but it gets a surprisingly solid response, and it's been rising. It stands out immediately as something different. It separates my USP from the crowd.

Here's a sales page example:

"You see, I'm not going to tell you that all you have to do is buy some unbelievably magical new product or join some new hyped up program to make $10,000 a week while working just 10 minutes a day.

"Let me make it clear. There IS NOT some sort of magic formula to quick and easy internet riches, despite all the sales hype to the contrary."

And an example from my newsletter:

"One cautionary note, however, and that has to do with common internet misconceptions about instant wealth. None of these products contain some sort of magic formula that will make you rich next week. NO product can do that.

"This Affiliate know-how package will give you every tool you'll need to succeed as an Affiliate. But you'll have to follow through with the effort. There is no *easy road* to wealth, but there ARE plenty of roads to get you there."

I'm sure this is turning some visitors off, but it also seems to be turning more and more people on.

Sure, we all still need to follow the rules for writing copy that sells. That hasn't changed. But salesmanship, mixed with responsible, realistic copy, is becoming alot more valued and appreciated in a world of rapidly growing skepticism and mistrust.


Joshua Rose cuts through the glut of Internet "hype" and "false promises" to identify the "genuine" marketing techniques that are REALLY getting the results. For more "work smart" techniques, or to subscribe to his newsletter, visit: http://www.internetprofitwizards.com

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