The 3 Essential Marketing Ingredients That Will Likely Make Or Break You
by Joshua Rose

I don’t know who should be acknowledged for the following, but whoever it was said a mouthful.

“There are only two ways to get to the top of a tree. One is to climb the tree. The other is to sit on an acorn and wait”.

Think about it for a minute and you can see a lot of parallels with netrepreneurs. No offense intended towards anyone, but it’s been my own impression that relatively few actually start aggressively climbing the tree. Most seem to be waiting for something to happen.

Let me explain.

As you are probably aware by now, a staggering 95% of netrepreneurs fail. That’s pretty incredible. I think the principle reason is because most people approach their internet business endeavors in the same manner.

Usually, they do a “mass submission” (free) to the search engines rather than approach the “big 12”, or so, individually. Then, they post ads to FFA’s and classified pages … and then basically wait for the money to start rolling in.

Unfortunately, it never does. Weeks later, the results are usually ZERO. The lucky ones may actually get one or two sales. But a real business income? No.

So they change their ads and try again … and again … and perhaps again. They may even try various page rotating programs, pop-ups and unders … and so forth. Results? Usually more nothing.

Perhaps by now they’ve switched what they are selling, putting the blame there. But still more nothing.

At some point, they get disillusioned to such an extent that they just give up … but are quickly replaced by “new forces” who are eager to follow the same path … and get the same results.

Again, I’m not making light of anyone. If I was, I’d be including myself … because believe me … I’ve just generally described my own initial approach to making money on the internet, complete with the same dismal results.

But I had one saving grace - I didn’t quit. I realized, “Hey, if making money was as easy as finding a product and putting up some free ads, we’d all be out on our yachts … and we know that isn’t happening”.

You see, I’d been “sitting on the acorn”. It was time to switch tactics and “start climbing the tree”.

To make a long story a bit shorter, I set out to learn how those who were making *lots of money* were actually doing it. What I found - in every case - was that these people approach every project by carefully implementing a plan based on a very strong foundation.

In effect, when they head up the tree, they do so on a thick, sturdy trunk … one unlikely to break … and much more likely to support them.

Their approach is “three-pronged” and, I’ve subsequently learned, it works.

I call it “the 3 essential ingredients that will make or break you”. Leave off any one of them and your tree will begin dangerously bending under your weight.

Here they are:

-*First*, you must give away something free. People on the internet are looking for “free”. If you’ve got something free, THEY’LL BE LOOKING FOR YOU.

And of course, it has to be something useful and valuable to be effective. It could be a good e-book or some other information, some software, a free consultation or whatever may be appropriate for your particular business.

(IDEA) In the last issue of The Internet Profit Wizards Newsletter I sent you a list of Free accounts you could set up at a number of Pay Per Click search engines. You are welcome to use that list as a giveaway if you like. It‘s like giving someone over $500. (You just may want to update it from time to time because those promotional offers are fluid and they do change.)

-*Second*, you need a strong lead product. Make sure it is as “good as it gets” out there. Whether it’s the benefits, the price or the service, it must have a significant competitive advantage. As you know, the competition is fierce.

And stick to one primary product at first. If you present a number of choices, even if they are all wonderful, you are adding an additional decision dimension that just complicates things for the potential buyer … and usually loses the sale.

But here’s the critically important part: STOP ADVERTISING YOUR PRODUCT.

I know. It sounds crazy. But you’ll do 100 times better by advertising *your free offer* instead. The sales will come later from your ezine follow-ups as your subscribers come to realize that you are sincere, that you can be trusted, and that the product you are promoting is top notch.

-*Third*, you need strong “back-end products”. Once you’ve won that customer’s trust, he or she will buy from you again … and again … and again … as long as you continue to “deliver” what you promise.

And that’s where the money is. It’s in the longer term. There are no “overnight riches” on the internet, despite all the ads out there which claim otherwise. The sooner you recognize that, the sooner you’ll actually start making money.

These are the “3 essential ingredients” that will put you on sound footing as you head on up your tree. Of course, a strong tree is made up of more than a sturdy trunk. There’s plenty of branches and leaves as well.

These would represent other internet business challenges, such as your ad copywriting skills, your ability to start and grow your own ezine, your selected promotional activities, your ability to move up the search engine rankings, your willingness to invest prudently in both knowledge and advertising, and any number of other business building factors.

Helpful guidance on all of these topics is available at I hope you drop in and explore.

So, get off that acorn and head on up your tree. Get aggressive and take action. It’s a challenge … and it’s work. But it’s also fun and rewarding.

*****Affiliate Sales Problems?*****

One last thing today, I’ve been getting a ton of e-mail from people looking for answers to their *Affiliate* sales problems.

This is a widespread problem so I thought I'd also address it here.

I think you really should look at the "Affiliate Mini Site" concept. If your sales are few and far between, chances are that you’re part of the huge majority that have not set up quick and easy Affiliate Mini Sites.

This is where nearly all Affiliate sales are coming from.

Want an example? Super Affiliate, Phil Wiley, brings in well over $10,000 a month with quick and cheap affiliate mini sites.

You may think it sounds difficult and expensive. But this isn't actually the case.

Here's how he does it:

*****Difficult? He can choose any Affiliate Program on the net and put together a mini site to promote it in less than an hour.

*****Expensive? His sites cost as little as $8.88 A YEAR to build and run ... and that includes the domain name and full, ad free, hosting.

The fact is that 98% of affiliates make either nothing or next to nothing. This leaves the door wide open for the top 2% who are actually making the money by doing it right.

The bottom line? A stream of Affiliate Mini Sites that bring in the sales.

My own site follows this concept and I'm currently expanding on it. You can do the exact same thing.

You can get the details on "The Super Affiliate Secret? Mini Sites" at:

I hope this helps those of you concerned with your affiliate sales.

I would also be happy to try to answer any of your individual questions. Just send me an email at


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